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In my sculpture, I am primarily concerned with investigating energy, or more specifically, the transference of energy from one state to another.  The law of conservation of energy states that energy and matter cannot be created or destroyed, they can only change state. This law is all-encompassing in a universe that is in a constant state of flux.  It can be used to describe everything from life and death to the melting and shaping of steel.

It is the recording of these state changes within the fabrication process that I am focusing upon.  I see the piece as an echo of an event, a capturing of a moment in time, where not only the physical energy changes are apparent (the oxidation of the stainless steel giving way to different colour bands; the contraction of the cooling steel causing the warping in the metal plate), but so is my energy that has become incorporated into the work.  My interaction with the material and the rhythm of the process is captured in the frozen steel.

Nick currently exhibits with Melissa Morgan Fine Art in Palm Desert, California.

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